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13 02 2012

My favorite movie by far is 500 Days of Summer. I know it is a chick flick, but the plot focuses directly on tension and conflict. I think the most frustrating part is the resolution of the conflict. The beginning of the film starts with the narrator saying “this is not a love story,” while the two main characters sit next to each other. The immediate next scene flips to around day 250, with the main character throwing his dishes at the floor saying how much he hates Summer. Obviously this starts the movie with huge tension, showing so much love and so much hate so close to each other.

The second spot of tension shows a little later in the movie, where the main character takes a punch in a bar from some guy who is degrading summer. It is at this point where Summer says she doesn’t think they are a couple. He gets mad at her and says “you aren’t the only one who decides whether we are a couple or not.” Obviously, more tension is shown because a relationship doesn’t work when only one person has their heart in it.

The last huge conflict comes from the end of the movie after the two are broken up and Summer still wants to be friends, and then proceeds to get married to another guy within months of breaking up with the main character. The movie plays with two screens going at the same time, one labeled “Reality,” the other labeled “Expectations,” both being incredibly different, the main character expecting to get back together with Summer, the reality being that she is engaged, creating even more tension between the two.

I would say that some of the tension is resolved, but the film succeeds because the tension remains unresolved. He still loves her, she moved on, yadaa yadaa. But then he meets Autumn, which covers the conflict and tension, but does not resolve it. Instead, it uses the plot to make a unique twist to make you realize that not all conflicts and tensions are going to be resolved in your life.




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20 02 2012
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